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Program Details

Welcome to 2019/2020 school year!

We are continuing on the path of school improvement and enhancement in terms of the educational experiences we are offering. As such you will experience some more changes to the structure of school as we strive to bring the best in Jewish education and experience to our school. We continue to pay attention to the things that worked and didn’t work and proud to present to you what we hope will be an engaging, experiential, and enriching educational school experience.

1. We are continuing with a modified Etgar Yessodi program. The curriculum links Jewish values, moral development and spirituality with experiential learning, technology and family involvement. The curriculum seeks to connect children with the textual, ritual and artistic sources of Jewish life, while encouraging their curiosity , imagination and expression. The goal is for children to emerge with a “vocabulary” of Jewish life that goes beyond words, and which informs their sense of what Judaism contributes to their lives, and what they can contribute to the world around them.This curriculum has been developed by the Jewish Theological Seminary and is supported by the USCJ. It is project based which coincides with the most innovative pedagogical tools. We are very excited to have the students try it!

2. Chugim / Clubs

We are going to be continuing with the Chugim model. In the last 40 minutes of Sunday we will offer a selection of Chugim/clubs such as Israeli dancing, newsletter, book making, cooking, theatre, art, media and more. A different selection of chugim/clubs will be offered in each of our three terms (fall, winter and spring). Students will get to select one club for each term. The Chugim/clubs will be open to students in Kindergarten and up.

3. A sample of our school schedule:

  Pre K + K Grades 1-6 BBM
9:30-9:45 School-wide welcome School-wide welcome Spiritual curriculum and skill acquisition. Participation in and leading of Teffilah.
9:45-10:30 Core curriculum part 1 Core curriculum part 1
10:30-10:45 Snack and Recess Snack and Recess
10:45-11:30 Core curriculum part 2 Core curriculum part 2
11:30-11:50 Tefillah and Ruach Rally


Tefillah and Ruach Rally
11:50 Dismissal  
11:50-12:30   Chugim/ Clubs
12:30   Dismissal

Additional projects will include environmental responsibility, inclusion legacy project and community connections to other Jewish events and organization in the lower mainland.